Local groups of mothers sharing about their journeys

We know how important community is in the years of motherhood. An accepting, loving, caring, nurturing group of mothers that can support us by sharing our journey as mothers.

We want to empower women to self organise these communities, mother circles. Therefore we developed a Mother’s Journey peer group guide, that is currently (February 2019) in its testing phase. By using this guide, anyone with no facilitation experience can lead a course of fou meetings for a group of mothers, to connect and share about their journeys.

Mothers Journey peer groups have been organised in Hungary, Germany, Slovenia and Italy since May 2018, with so far 43 mothers taking part.

A perspective on motherhood

“Mother Nature has been an interesting perspective about motherhood and our way of living it. It has given the importance to motherhood it deserves, giving us the possibility to speak with intensity about something we can hardly ever talk about. Lovely and close experience!”

“Exchanging our experiences with other mothers should be part of everyday life. Knowing that I am not alone with my challenges really gave me power. The tools used during the peer groups helped me to express my feelings, this was liberating. I received a boost of self-confidence, quality me-time.”


“The biggest realisation was that other mothers are facing with similar challenges. Dancing on a rainbow between pink clouds is a gift only a few mothers are given. And they weren't there.”

“It was good to focus on the future and to dream, especially during these times when we are lost in everyday problems and tasks, and there is so little time to plan and think big.”

Rivers of mother life
Mothers on a Nature quest

“The meetings were all rich and stimulating for me, it was the first time I started a circle and invited women to participate... From this experience a plan emerged to continue to meet with other mothers, maybe once a month. I would like to start an experience in nature that can be productive and nourishing at the same time.”