mother nature trainings

Training for mothers

We have been running two trainings so far, a pilot training for mothers in Hungary (2018) and a training for professionals working with mothers in Italy (2019).

Our goal during the trainings is to establish a culture of awareness of motherhood. They are deep, nourishing, and empowering experiences. We go through the Mother’s journey (a model we have been developing based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey), we use art-based tools, nature connection activities, meditations, and deep sharing.

Currently we have no scheduled training. Get in touch and join our online community if you want to be updated about upcoming events!

Mother Nature Training for professionals

Mondaino, Italy, March 2019

Dear Mother Nature, I’ve had the most brilliant, funny, effective, relaxing, sparkling, empowering, appropriate, heartfelt, inspired, inspiring, powerful, loving, supportive, calming and reassuring training of my whole life. Just thanks forever.
— Ester, midwife

Mother Nature pilot training for Mothers

Téreny, Hungary, June 2018

Mother Nature was a home to refuge and find some rest. Mother Nature was an isle where I could find a friend telling me “you can”. You can find a pair of wings and fly, and understand you are not alone. We are all mothers, and so divine. Let this divine treasure shine to transform all the darkness around you and meet your light! Thank you.
— Silvia, co-mother