Mother Nature is a strategic partnership between seven European organisations, aimed at developing nature-based methodologies and tools to empower mothers in their personal transformation, and strengthening professional capacities to support them in this process.

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We believe that motherhood - especially in the first years - is an exceptional moment. 

We go through unexpected changes, we meet and overcome challenges, we transform. We acquire and strengthen new skills, the so-called "soft skills": problem-solving, empathy, managing, and many others. 

Motherhood is a powerful informal learning process.

Through these tools, we aim at supporting mothers in getting the most out of it by connecting with their inner and outer nature.

Mother Nature addresses

Mother Nature addresses

Professionals working with mothers

Providing nature-based methodologies and tools to support mothers recognising their needs and learning through this process - and to go through it.


providing tools and support to go through their transformation process, recognising new skills and supporting other women in doing the same, through peer-to-peer group methodologies.

Mother Nature training course

Mother nature community

Our online community is a place for mothers and professional working with mothers to share about the wonderful motherhood journey. It is a free, private space. Join if you want to get in touch with peers, share about common experiences, connect with professionals, find support, be inspired. 

Dear Mother Nature, I’ve had the most brilliant, funny, effective, relaxing, sparkling, empowering, appropriate, heartfelt, inspired, inspiring, powerful, loving, supportive, calming and reassuring training of my whole life. Just thanks forever.
— Ester, midwife
Thank you for weaving this beautiful net to connect us and for inviting us to keep on weaving sisterhood. I was able to feel a new culture rising.
— Mona

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